The Move Into the New Library

On October 26th, 1990, campus President John Agresto cancelled all classes for the day, and the College community rallied “in what President Agresto called a ‘booket brigade’ to move the books into the new building. Acting Librarian Tracey Kimball oversaw 250 volunteers with book bags, carts, and trucks as they moved more than 50,000 volumes in about six hours. The library’s shelving capacity is 90,000 volumes.” (The St. John’s Reporter, December 1990)

Among the many staff and faculty helping move books into the brand new library during the October 26, 1990 all-campus booket brigade were longtime campus information technology employee Richard Kruempel (lowering book cart from truck), current College Treasurer Michael Duran (back right), and tutor Cary Stickney (far right)
A team effort from some future Johnnies
Filling an empty new library with books
Tutors Jim Carey and David Bolotin unloading a book cart inside the new library.